Included Metrics

Some of the metrics included in the Brand Tracker 360™

Awareness Rate

What % of consumers are aware of your brand and/or product?

Trial Rate

What % of consumer have tried your product at least once?

Purchase Rate

What % of consumers have bought your product at least once in a given timeframe?

Favorite Rate

What % of consumers say that your brand and/or product is their favourite in the category?

Awareness Drivers

Of the consumers who are aware of your products, how have they become aware?

Trial Drivers

Of those consumers who have tried your product, why have they tried?

Purchase Drivers

Of those consumers who have purchased your product, why have they purchased it?

Conversion Rates

What % of consumer who are aware are you converting into buyers?

Usage Occasion

How are consumers using your product? When are they buying you or a competitor?

Brand Perception

What do consumers think about your brand? What characteristics do they connect with your brand?

Conversion Ranking

How effective are you in turning awareness into purchases in comparison to your competitors?

Performance Benchmarks

Benchmark your brand performance on all metrics vs. the competition and the category as a whole.

Reasons For Favorite

Of those consumer who say that your brand (or a competitor brand) is their favourite, what is driving them to think so?

Switching Rates

How are consumers switching between your brand and competitor brands? What are the dynamics between different brands?

Channel Choices

Where are consumers buying your product, and which channel is most effective in driving purchases?

Retailer Choices

Which retailer is most effective in driving sales? Which ones are consumers choosing most of the time?

Basket Sizes

How much of your product do consumers buy within a given timeframe? What do they spend?

Purchase Frequencies

How often are consumers buying your product? What are the difference between different consumer segments?

Purchase Barriers

For those who are aware and/or have tried, why have they not purchase? What are the barriers to purchase?

Trial Barriers

For those who are aware if your brand, why have they not tried it? What is holding them back?


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