Cleria Research

Great Brands Need Great Consumer Research.

Cleria uses technology, automation and one of the largest consumer panels in the world to make consumer research up to 10x faster and 10x more affordable vs. traditional research companies, with a larger amount of respondents & data. Cleria's AI is available to help and create charts,  directly in your dashboard.

We help companies of all sizes to make better decisions, spend their budgets more effectively, and grow their brands.

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Why research?

Without Research, You're Either Going To Be Lucky Or Wrong.

Without research, you'll waste money on activities that won't work, make the wrong decisions, and will be outperformed by those who base their activities on actual consumer insights.

Every company benefits from consumer research, regardless of size or product category.

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The Solution

Imagine Knowing Everything. At All Times.

Cleria's Brand Tracker 360™ measures 32 of the most important metrics for your brand, your competitors and your market. What is driving awareness? Why are people buying? Why are they not buying?

Everything you need to know to spend your budgets most effectively, outperform competitors, and build a winning brand. It's high-quality, effective, enterprise-level consumer research.

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Chat with your data

Dragging Research Into Age of AI

Your Cleria Dashboard is where you can see all your metrics in nice charts, use filters, and all that good stuff. But what if you would like a chart that does not exist there, or dive deeper into a certain metric than any (wo)man has dared before? Just ask your AI assistant!

Cleria's AI has access to all your data, can create custom charts, answer questions, explain metrics or simply brainstorm with you, in any language you choose!

How is CLeria different?

Consumer Research Companies Have Been Stuck In The 1980s.  

Traditional research companies are often too slow, too expensive, and offer a limited amount of respondents and data. That's because their processes have not changed in decades, and most of it is manual and time consuming.

At Cleria, we're using technology and dynamic respondent recruitment to remove most of this cost, make research a lot faster by automating it, and are able to deliver more respondents & data to make your insights more reliable.

Better Insights

Cleria owns one of the largest consumer panels in the world and dynamically recruits respondents, which means that we can deliver more of them and ensure higher data quality.

Faster Results

We're using technology and advanced analytics to automate most of the research process. That's why we're able to deliver results in hours or days, not months.

More Affordable

Automation means we don't need thousands of people. We'd rather have you save money and spend it on more research, which is why our pricing is fixed and completely transparent.


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